Chaplaincy Application & Interview Fee


Interviews are made one at a time in coordination with a member of our board, you the chaplain candidate and a retired military chaplain. We have to pay our military chaplains for their time to do the interviews so we charge a small fee to cover this process. Incidentally, we charge less than any other endorsing agency we have seen.
If you prefer, you may send a check for $75 to National Service Charity at 4022 Copper Creek Way, Buford, GA 30519. Please make your check payable to National Service Charity and note that the payment is for the Chaplaincy Application & Interview Fee.


Onboarding Chaplaincy Checklist:

  1. Complete the course Becoming a Board Certified Chaplain from Visiting Chaplains ($120.00) or complete the same sort of training from a different but reputable chaplaincy oriented organization.
  2. References: Please ask 2 people to send a reference to National Service Charity using the email  Ask them to say something about your faith commitments, ethics and a willingness to be a life learner.
  3. Get a background check and forward at least the first page to (Cost is $38.95)
  4. Fill out your online application at We also have a PDF copy of our application which you might want to download and use as a reference before beginning the online form.
  5. Schedule your phone interview at
  6. Handling the application and paying a retired chaplain to do the interview costs $75.00. Make that payment here

 Download & Print the Onboarding Chaplaincy Checklist Worksheet