A Non-Profit Philosophy

Americans are the most generous people in the history of world civilizations. This generosity is a fruit of American exceptionalism which grows from liberty. This does not mean that Americans are better than the people who populate other nations. Americans have historically enjoyed more freedoms which opens the door for our own prosperity and our ability to give.

Because Americans value human life, we feel disposed to generosity toward those not yet living with the means to support a lifestyle reflecting a basic human dignity. This generosity is reflected in our government social programs and the private sector non-profits which cover our great country.

At National Service Charity we believe that the best expression of that generosity is discovered in the hearts and minds of people, not big government.

It is our opinion that four people sitting at a Waffle House drinking coffee have better ideas for changing their community than people in Washington.

Therefore, National Service Charity was formed to give Non-Profit Charter Status to people attempting big ideas for the social welfare of others.

How do we operate?

National Service Charity mobilizes volunteers into community service using donor designated capital.

What does that mean?

  • It means that your donation is used locally
  • It means that volunteers are mobilized within your community
  • Your donation will not get lost in an international agenda
  • Any donor can see a need and begin a Community Service Grant to meet that need
  • We build community, not government dependence

We believe our model for community service is revolutionary within current structures and will eventually change the way people connect to increase the social welfare.

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