Community Trailer LOGO Erased

Program Mission:

Every community should prepare to offer disaster relief for themselves and their neighbors. A trailer, sponsored by local business creates communication and coordination for these activities. Financial sponsors purchase space to promote their company on the side of the trailer which pays for the program.

National Service Charity prefers to place an 8.5 foot by 20 foot trailer with a reinforced load-bearing roof. This is large enough for good space to promote sponsors, and it allows maximum preparation for multiple disasters.

Sponsors Receive

  • 12 Months of advertising space on the side of the trailer.
  • We provide professional press releases that the sponsor can post to social media each time the trailer is used which helps build the sponsor's corporate brand.
  • A webpage that tells how the sponsoring company is involved in community outreach. The webpage will be posted at and the raw html will be provided for posting at the sponsoring company's website. The webpage stays active each year of sponsorship.

CLICK for an example of a trailer we prefer to place within a community