Launch Your Idea within our Non-Profit Life Cycle

You can ask us to open a Community Service Account (CSA) for your cause/idea/mission by filling out the form below.
This is our primary tool for community activism. We establish hundreds of these every year. We can have an account opened for your group or project within 24 hours or less. Filling out this form is the first step toward gaining non-profit status.

Our Terms of Service and fees are listed below the form or can be found in this chart.

We are your non-profit financial partner
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Terms of Service

Community Service Account

This is the first step within the Non-profit Life Cycle

  • We provide a separate webpage that the leadership of your group/organization can use to solicit tax free donations.
  • We offer to set up a “Donate Now” button on your group’s website.
  • Over time the money grows.
  • Your Group expenses get paid from these funds.

How can I use a CSA? People run youth programs, collect money to build parks or Habitat for Humanity homes, to print education brochures about political candidates, collect donations for their FreedomConnect Groups, fund a memorial after a death, fund community prayer events, fund disaster relief teams, fund summer camps, fund youth choirs, fund mentor programs, fund community awareness programs, fund Golf Charities, fund Boy Scout events/projects, fund a Serve-A-Thon program, fund community websites, fund a social movement, and anything else you might imagine.

Costs and Fees

100% of donations are designated for YOUR Account, minus 3 fees
  • We process online donations for your project with which is a non-profit that specializes in receiving online donations for other non-profits. Credit Card donations are charged a 3% fee. We do not increase their fee to make money.
  • Second, there is a $25 fee when money goes out of your account. We mail a Bank printed Cashier’s Check from SunTrust Bank. This covers our labor and the bank’s fees to send out secure funds. This policy brings a third party into our relationship who can track money as it is sent and received. We will overnight a check at your expense.
  • Third, National Service Charity receives 10% of all donations to cover our internal corporate expenses on your behalf. We will negotiate this number. We lower this to 5% for personal projects. We consider the economy of scale. Fundraising goals over $10,000 pay a smaller fee. This 10% cost is on the net of the project and not the gross.
  • An illustration: Let’s say three guys drinking coffee at a Waffle House decide to raise funds for their friend who was in an accident and has rising medical expenses. They want to organize a golfing event, a walk-a-thon and a BBQ lunch to raise money.

    National Service Charity will help them organize these events, post webpages detailing their efforts, establish a donation portal, send tax receipts to the donors, enable social media and promotions, maintain a contact list of donors, handle online ticket sales, send out Public Service Announcements to the local papers, send monthly Donation Reports to the organizers, ensure all money is handled in compliance with IRS laws, consult regarding liability and risk management for any public events, AND anything else within our tools, skills and powers.

Are these costs worth it? —
  • Becoming a public non-profit costs thousands of dollars. Our first lawyer’s bill for a new project we launched in 2011 was over $6,500. Let National Service Charity be your non-profit financial partner. We will save you thousands of dollars.
  • Running an office is expensive. Let National Service Charity be your virtual office for all your non-profit needs.
  • Non-profits take lots of work to maintain. There are board meetings, website and web-hosting costs, legal counsel, liability insurance, postage to send tax receipts for all the donors, accounting, etc. Let National Service Charity be your non-profit partner. We will save you thousands of man hours and keep you focused on your goals while we stay focused on the administrative details.

Account Money Distribution Policy

NSC will distribute money for any legitimate expense, properly documented and agreed upon by the leadership of the volunteers.

  • When the Account is established, NSC identifies at least three volunteers to manage the distribution of funds. We contact these people and verify their e-mail. We label these people administrators.
  • When a request for funds comes to us from one of these admins, we send it to all the other administrators asking for permission. Once we receive three “yes” e-mails confirming the legitimacy of the expense, we send the money.

E-mail for more information.[/stextbox]