When to submit a donation . . .

National Service Charity captures a donor's name, email and maybe their address when those donations come through PayPal or Chartered websites using WordPress and WooCommerce. We send a tax deductible receipt for all donations.

We cannot send a tax receipt unless we know about it. We will send a tax deductible receipt when your chartered organization is given a car, boat, clothing or cash if you notify us of the donation.


If the donor wants a tax deductible receipt,
then National Service Charity must send one


What does that mean?

  • Chartered organizations can receive donations without reporting them if the donor does not want a receipt or a tax deduction.
  • Chartered organizations do not have permission to hand write a tax deductible receipt on their own.
  • National Service Charity tracks for the IRS all tax deductible donations in compliance with the laws governing donations.
  • Chartered organizations are responsible to pay a 10% administrative fee on all donations.

Please fill out the form below and we will send a receipt to the donor and track it for your organization.