Executive Director

A Message from our Executive Director and
Founder — Anthony R Locke


My name is Tony Locke. I founded National Service Charity after watching the presidential debates of 2008 at Saddleback Church. Presidential candidates Obama and McCain were trying to one up the other regarding community service and volunteerism.

Each candidate was explaining how they would mobilize volunteers into community service using bigger government, our taxes and more Washington DC programs.

I felt in my gut that they were wrong.

It is my core belief that the private sector has the best ideas, is quicker to implement those ideas and will do more good in the long run.

America wasn’t built by people who waited and hoped that things would get better through the benevolent gifts of the people in charge of government.

American exceptionalism includes a fire in the belly to solve problems as they are discovered.

Waiting makes us dependent, but worse, the recipients of the government’s help become more grateful and loyal to that government.

We have to change course.

National Service Charity works to provide a solution to these problems.

We offer to wrap our non-profit corporate structure around  your charitable idea, and with donors, lift the social welfare. We are not asking that you donate to our cause. We are asking what moves you? What do you care about? What needs within your community need to be addressed?

  • If you are a small group of volunteers, then we will adopt your vision, enable donors to give tax deductible gifts to your cause, and use that money to cover the expenses of the project that you lead. We bring many tools to bear on your success.   See Patriots in Action as an example.
  • If you are a donor who sees a need, but can’t do the project with your own time and strength, then with your donation we will mobilize volunteers into action to accomplish the service. We leverage your money with local volunteers to complete local projects. We give to the donor a Coffee Table Picture Book of the people doing the work.
  • If you are a corporation wishing to volunteer, we will take your idea, convert it into a non-profit community service event and invite your clients and business partners to join with you in your event. See the Crown Management Corporation Project as an example.
  • We can open a Foundation in your name for $ 500. We build a website and organize charitable events to support your vision. See LIVE-GA.org as an example.

From day one our mission has been to mobilize volunteers into community service using donor designated funds.

We can take your idea and put it into action for the good of others.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you will consider trusting me with your non-profit idea.


Anthony R Locke
Executive Director of National Service Charity