Partner Program

Our Friends of the Board Pledge Program

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An Invitation from the Board

The Board Members of National Service Charity are inviting you to partner with us in our efforts.

Founded in the Fall of 2009, our 2013 goals are —

  • to partner with 100 new volunteer groups working to serve their community,
  • to assist 100 companies in developing unique corporate advocacy, and
  • to launch within our first 5 years a program that grows into a national footprint.

Early Achievements

As of the Fall of 2012, National Service Charity already serves 23 volunteer groups within six different states. NSC provided each of these groups unique websites as public platforms for their work. We built and currently host over 37 websites for non-profit efforts. These volunteer groups are chartered under our non-profit umbrella.

In addition, we have 17 volunteer groups collecting funds for unique charitable causes that they have identified within their community.

Your Opportunity

We share this page with people of influence that we hope want to help us reach our 2013 goals. You are being asked to donate on a regular basis, yet for a limited period of time, as we introduce our services to the market.

Our business plan projects that the non-profit will be self-sufficient by the end of 2015. Please support our efforts and help us reach our goals.

Your monthly donation will stop automatically on December 2015.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


The Board of National Service Charity Inc.