Launch Your Idea

within our non-profit infrastructure

Application is the first step within the non-Profit Life Cycle

  • We provide a webpage for your idea to receive tax free donations. Like a GoFund me page.
  • We offer to build you a website free of charge.
  • We also offer to buy a website domain for free.
  • We build your group a logo if needed.
  • Over time the money grows.
  • Your Group expenses get paid from these funds.
  • If your funding is solid we recommend you allow us to launch your group as a stand-alone 501c3 with your own board.

Money Distribution Policy

NSC will distribute money for any legitimate non-profit expense, properly documented and agreed upon by the leadership of the volunteers.

  • When the Account is established, NSC identifies at least three volunteers to manage the distribution of funds. We contact these people and verify their e-mail. We label these people administrators.
  • When a request for funds comes to us from one of these admins, we send it to all the other administrators and we ask for a vote. Once we receive three "yes" e-mails confirming the legitimacy of the expense, we send the money.

Costs and Fees

100% of donations are designated for YOUR Account, minus 3 fees --

  • We use for our backend website transaction partner. They charge a couple percentage points based on how the donation comes in. American Express, Visa and Debit cards all have different fees. Usually around 2.5 to 3 percent. Every business on the web pays these fees.
  • Second, there is a $25 fee when money goes out of your account. We mail a Bank printed Cashier's Check from Truist Bank. This covers our labor and the bank's fees to send out secure funds. This policy brings a third party into our relationship who can track money as it is sent and received. We will overnight a check at your expense.
  • Third, National Service Charity receives a fee to cover our internal corporate expenses on your behalf. We will negotiate this number. It ranges from 5 to 10 percent. We consider the economy of scale and we can change these fees based on good judgement.