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Crown partners with National Service Charity Inc. (501) (c)(3)
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Crown Management is joining forces with others in our community to fight human trafficking.

Trafficking is a lucrative industry representing an estimated 32 billion dollars per year in international trade. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, only second to the drug trade, and cannot be ignored! Victims are subjected to violence and brutality from their captors, who force them to sell their bodies for the benefit of traffickers. Falsely offered a better life, victims are enslaved upon arrival and forced to perform myriad sexual acts. It’s a widespread problem in the US as legislation often classifies sex workers as criminals, not victims, making it difficult for them to report their situation.

This makes the fight to eradicate sex trafficking increasingly difficult. None of our communities are immune to this and according to the Atlanta Daily World, November, 2012 Issue, Atlanta is the number one hub for human trafficking in the United States. Atlanta is such a hot spot for trafficking due to high tourism, having a large international airport and having such a dense population.

The FBI named Atlanta as one of 14 cities with the highest rate of children used in prostitution. About 200 girls are sold for sex each month in Georgia, and more than half are runaways. According to the Schapiro Group Georgia Demand Study, 12,400 men purchase sex with young women monthly and more than 27,000 purchase it more than once a year in the state of Georgia. Approximately 100 adolescent females are sexually exploited each night in Georgia. The Bureau of Justice noted that 82.1% of victims were identified as U.S. citizens. Sadly, girls are first targeted at the young age of 13 and this unspeakable practice does not discriminate. Victims come from every race, nationality and background, but the risk of exploitation is higher for those who have suffered prior abuse and come from broken homes.

In order to provide a safe haven for these victims, there are safe houses set up in the different counties which provide short term treatment and care for these victims. After trafficked girls are liberated from their pimps, safe houses offer therapy and continued education. They learn life skills, receive counseling and enter programs in which they can reunite with their family. Many organizations are striving to spread the word to teenagers around Atlanta so ignorance isn’t an issue. Young boys are also informed about respecting women and how their actions as a future buyer or pimp could deeply impact the lives of young girls forever.

Crown Realty and Management has partnered with a local church to help raise money in an effort to ensure that these victims have a safe place to go. Fortunately, there are organizations working tirelessly to educate people about this and hotlines with volunteers who are trained to answer rescue calls. Human trafficking requires a movement in order to stop it and we ask that you please join us in our mission to see human trafficking brought to an end!

We believe this project is worthy of your generous donation. We are humbled to know these local heroes and to be working with them in this noble effort.


The Crown Staff

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