A Non-Profit Philosophy

A Non-Profit Philosophy

Americans are the most generous people in the history of world civilizations.

This generosity is a fruit of American exceptionalism which grows from liberty.

This does not mean that Americans are better than the people who populate other nations. Americans have historically enjoyed more freedoms which opens the door for our own prosperity and our ability to give. But, our generosity goes way beyond money.

Over 125,000 American soldiers are buried outside of our country to memorialize our sacrifices in eight different wars in which we fought for the freedom of foreigners. The American Battle Monument Commission keeps these records. What other country in the history of humanity has done this?

American exceptionalism was also proven when we sacrificed over 700,000 men to fight for the freedom of slaves during the Civil War. Our country valued liberty enough to disturb the peace in the face of social injustice.

Americans are the most generous people in the history of world civilizations.

But this is not proven just by our willingness to die for others. We live out our liberty for the greatest prosperity we can achieve that we might then lift up others.

  • American taxes fund Democratic governments all around the world. We are the largest contributor to the United Nation’s budget. We lead the world in humanitarian aid, medical research and technology innovations which increase standards of living.
  • 60% of our national budget pays for projects and programs which alleviate suffering. Over 40% goes for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Over 10% of our national budget funds things like Disability, Food Stamps, Unemployment Compensation, Child Nutrition, Child Tax Credits, Supplemental Security for the blind and disabled, and Student Loans.
  • Even more money pays for generous retirement benefits for all civil servants, and recently we started bailing out large businesses to provide stable jobs for the American worker.

But this list doesn’t touch on the greatest example of American exceptionalism. The greatest proof that Americans, by liberty and freedom, have risen to become the most generous people in world history can be found in our nation’s non-profit community.

To illustrate: an earthquake rocked Haiti in 2009. Our American government pledged 100 million of our tax dollars to help. That money is not yet fully delivered, but private non-profits have already delivered over a billion dollars.

The same generosity was shown when the Tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2004.  Over 15 billion was sent to their aid and most of that was funneled through private foundations and charities.

So what does National Service Charity hope to add to this culture of generosity?

We intent to change the culture of community service within American into a transparent industry. For instance, in 2008 the United Way received over 300 million in private donations. According to one survey over 90% of those who gave have no idea where that money was used. Our model makes the use of your donation transparent. Donors designate their money to a specific program, and if they desire, to be used within a specific zip code.

We intend to redirect gratitude away from the government and back to the American people. Too many Americans feel gratitude to the government for the assistance they received. This fosters a larger and larger central government as people vote for more and more benefits. National Service Charity opens the door for small businesses and donors to give toward projects within their immediate community. The programs that help people are traced back to the generosity of local organizations and not the federal government. This promotes local pride, good public relations for the donors, and it builds community as people feel gratitude for the individual donors and not the government in Washington.

National Service Charity intends to refocus charitable giving away from the bottomless pit of international needs and back to the needs of the American people. The Salvation Army and the Red Cross are worthy and noble institutions which do great work abroad. We are not criticizing these and other non-profits. It is our mission to create that same level of assistance for our own citizenry unfettered from government interference.

National Service Charity is a direct conservative response to liberal groups involved in community activism. Our national government gave billions of dollars last year to Acorn, which is a liberal organization which mobilizes volunteers into community service. National Service Charity hopes to reinvent community activism into something which promotes limited government, supports high religious moral values and builds local community, not big government dependency.

Finally, we intend to change the way our country defines the word volunteer. The AmeriCorps calls their work force volunteers even though they get paid a full time salary. We accomplish community service with unpaid volunteers who do it out of the goodness of their heart.

How do we operate?

National Service Charity mobilizes volunteers into community service using donor designated capital.

What does that mean?

  • It means that your donation is used locally
  • It means that volunteers are mobilized within your community
  • Your donation will not get lost in an international agenda
  • Any donor can see a need and begin a Community Service Grant to meet that need.
  • We build community, not government dependence.

We believe our model for community service is revolutionary within current structures and will eventually change the way people connect to increase the social welfare.


National Service Charity Director

Anthony R Locke