Our Vision

Our Vision

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Goal:  to become the national non-profit of choice for donors seeking to mobilize volunteers

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Mission Statement: we mobilize volunteers into community service using donor designated funds

we unleash the American can-do-spirit to solve local problems with local people and local dollars

Core Objectives:

  • to give every donor the power to direct how and where their charitable assets are used
  • to mobilize volunteers with funding and proven strategies of compassion
  • to educate the volunteer industry through a database of community projects reviewed by donors and participants
  • to enable corporations to build their brand and reputation with their community and customers

Broad Goals:

  • to cultivate local donors who fund local projects which get accomplished by local volunteers
  • to transform community service in America into a transparent industry
  • to improve the social welfare by advancing community programs that cultivate self-reliance
  • to infuse the political dialogue of volunteerism with conservative American ideals of limited government, personal responsibility, and compassion without creating codependency
  • to showcase successful community service projects which are effective and sustainable
  • to further fulfill President George W. Bush’s call for a new culture of responsibility
  • to direct thankfulness away from the government and back toward local donors and local volunteers


we solicit donors to initiate local community service through designated capital

  • the donor can choose specify target zip codes for implementation
  • the donor can suggest a volunteer group willing to do the project
  • the donor receives a complimentary book of pictures showcasing the volunteers doing the work to memorialize the impact of the donor’s vision
  • the donor can fully fund a project or give seed money from which we build a community service grant

we inspire volunteers to participate with effective programs, financial backing and the vision of the donor

  • we telephone community organizations, churches, civic groups and schools to solicit volunteers
  • we communicate the vision and the steps for successful implementation
  • we supplement or fully cover the expenses of the volunteers as they do the project
  • we collect photographs of the volunteers doing the project and memorialize the work in a coffee table style book that anyone can purchase

we will maintain a database of proven strategies that will be accessible on our website

  • we will provide within this database an opportunity for each volunteer and each donor to review the effectiveness of the project in which they participated
  • we will help identify the projects which earn the highest reviews so that other groups will have a road map for success.[/stextbox]